ALL ACTORS MEETING Monday, Sept 19 6:00pm – 8:30pm in the Mission Theatre.

Bring all questions and a 1″ 3 Ring Binder with you Monday Sept. 19th. Full calendar will be passed out at meeting Monday.


•       Scrooge – Rich LaFetra

•       Ghost of 1st Christmas Past – Emma AJ Haughey

•       Ghost of 2nd Christmas Past – Brenda Haughey

•       Ghost of 3rd Christmas Past – Lois Potter

•       Ghost of Christmas Present – Thom DeRoest / Jackson Taitano

•       Jacob Marley / Old Joe – Paul Kratka

•       Young Ebenezer – Aidan Hayek

•       Isabel – Milan Magaña

•       Jenny – Cora Haughey

Cratchit Family

•       Bob Cratchit – Chad Sinclair

•       Mrs. Ethel Cratchit – Kristena Hill

•       Martha Cratchit – Katie Hayek

•       Tiny Tim – Austin James Martin

•       Kathy Cratchit – Meadow Breese

Townspeople and Harry’s Party Guests

•       Helen – Rebecka Sinclair

•       Mr. Fezziwig – Forrest Breese

•       Mrs. Fezziwig – Susan Liebes

•       Bess, fruit seller – Patte Hughes

•       Mr. Pringle/Topper – Jim Prevo

•       Mrs. Pringle/Mary – Barbara Wixen-Prevo

•       Jocelyn Jollygoode – Cari Garrison

•       Harriet Harty – Cianna Garrison

•       Party Guest – Lois Pottter

•       Party Guest – Brenda Haughey

•       Party Guest – Adam Kruse

•       Mrs. Carstairs, knitting stall – Karen Downey

•       Miss Carstairs, knitting stall – Sydney Breese

•       Bisset, the Butcher – Rob Linsalato

•       Housemaid – Regina Linsalato

•       Housemaid – Trudi Hjeltness

Townspeople / Thank You Very Much Scenes

•   Wine Merchant– Mark Hoffman

•   Mrs. Dilber – Patty Hornsveld

•   Miss Dilber – Maddy Klingsberg

•   Beggar Woman/Charwoman – Pamela Lambert

•   Tom Jenkins – Oscar Escobedo

•   Dick Wilkins – Lucas Klingsberg

Fezziwig Workhouse /Thank You Very Much Scenes

•   Fezziwig Worker – Cole Gabriel Willis

•   Fezziwig Worker – John Downey

•   Fezziwig Worker – Jonathan Sanchez

•   Fezziwig Worker – Diego Easley

•   Fezziwig Worker – Ethan Hoffman

Schoolhouse / Children at Harry’s Party

•   Jack – Jackson Liebes*

•   Isaac – Blake Huren*

•   Kitty – Isabelle Shearer*

•   Poppy – Harley Vrolyks*

*Children age 11 and under will require a $75 cast fee, which includes enrollment into Beg. Theatre class Weds 5:45-6:30pm for 12 weeks.  All blocking and scene study will be covered during Wednesday class time.  Attend Parent meeting Sept 7 at 5:30pm in Studio B and receive complete rehearsal schedule for ages 7-11.  Expect Wednesdays and full tech/dress week.

Adults and Teens will receive complete rehearsal schedule on Sept 19, 6:00pm at Mission Theatre.  Bring 3-ring binder in order to receive script.  Expect Mondays and Fridays 6:00-8:30pm and full tech/dress week.

If Children with * attend read through , they must be accompanied by a parent

The Mission Theatre is best known for high quality community theatre and dance in Fallbrook CA. It was originally built in 1946 as a movie theater. In the late 1980’s, the local community theatre group began the theatres transformation to be used as a live theatre playhouse. It was purchased in 1993 by the Hornsveld family. With a passion for history, they quickly restored it to it’s 1940 art deco glory. The Mission Theatre is now the resident theatre to CAST Academy of Dance and CAST Productions a 501C3 non-profit performing arts school for children of all ages. CAST also produces several performances each year with adult actors.

The Mission Theatre is a charming venue, designed in the grand tradition of the old movie house. The lobby and interior of the venue has been wonderfully preserved by the venue staff, and the stage is designed to allow great sight lines from any seat in the house.

With a quaint charm and a small town feel, the Mission Theatre is a fabulous place to see local and regional performers in action. Visit the concession stand in the lobby for an authentic movie house experience.