What to expect at an audition…

While each audition is a bit different, there are some basic things you can expect at every audition.

A place to check in

There will always be a Stage Manager to help you check in and answer some basic questions about how the audition will run. This Stage Manager will record your name and the time you arrived, and take your Headshot & Resume or give you an Audition Application form to fill out. Make sure to arrive early in order to give yourself time to check in and fill out the paperwork.

Keeping to the clock

We’re a very time conscious bunch. We’ll do our very best to keep the audition running on time, but we need your help in order to do that. It’s very important that you arrive in plenty of time to complete your check-in and ready yourself for a great audition. Generally speaking, this means at least 15 minutes before your scheduled audition time.

If it’s your first time to a particular audition location, please plan enough travel time to navigate an unfamiliar place.

The audition room

Walking into the main audition room can be intimidating… but stay cool and have fun with it. Remember that we’re people too, and we’re quite happy that you came to audition for us. Keep your confidence and come right on in!

Your audition will be run by a Casting Director. As you enter the audition room we’ll do our best to introduce ourselves, and give you a few instructions to help you through the audition.

The room setup will vary based on the type of audition you’re attending. It may be a small rehearsal hall with just a few Casting Directors, or a large facility with several people for a group audition. Either way, be sure to listen to any instructions that are given, and do your best!

Closed auditions

All Mission Theatre auditions are closed auditions. This means that we don’t allow anyone into the audition room who is not auditioning.

While we understand the important role the support of friends and family play in every performer’s life, the audition is one place you must go on your own. If someone does accompany you to an audition, they will be asked to wait in the holding area of the audition venue.

Now let’s talk a bit about what to have prepared for your audition »